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LINK LINE - IoT in your house


LINK LINE consists of smart devices, app and cloud service. Our system is simple in use, affordable and combines the best of technology and excellent design. For communications we use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. In combination they gave you fast and reliable connection through walls and overlaps. All our devices support secure connection between them and a cloud service. With our devices your home becomes an intelligent system that use all resources effectively saving as much as possible.

Simple control

Easy and convenient mobile application allows you to manage both equally convenient one or hundreds of smart devices in your house. Our app will simplify your life in engineering complex modern building, help you set up a unique scenario for convenience, efficiency and economy. (In the development: algorithms that use artificial intelligence)

Simple control

    payment and delivery
  • Is it possible to purchase goods in the store?
  • At the moment, the opportunity to buy devices at retail is only available on our website. On wholesale purchases, please call +38 +380 671 000 671 We will be glad to cooperate!

  • Is it possible to pay by card / cash on delivery?
  • At the moment, unfortunately, there is no possibility to pay for the order when receiving (via the POS-terminal, cash on delivery, payment to the courier). However, you can pay online with Visa and MasterCard (until November 2017 only for CIS countries). After registration of the application on the site our manager will contact you to clarify the information regarding your order.

  • Is it possible to buy goods by installments?
  • Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to purchase goods by installments.

  • Is it possible to pay for an order with Visa and MasterCard payment cards?
  • Yes, you have the opportunity to pay for your order with Visa and MasterCard (until November 2017 only for CIS countries). After making an order, you will be redirected to the safe payment system page, where you need to pay. Please note that the recipient of paid item must be the person for whom the order was placed, so when you receive the order, you must always carry an identification card.

  • Is it possible to pay by credit card from abroad?
  • You can pay for your order online with any Visa and MasterCard (until November 2017 only for CIS countries). However, please draw your attention to possible restrictions when transferring funds to another country from your bank.

  • Is it possible to order goods with delivery to another country?
  • In the CIS countries, it is possible to order goods right now, and after November 2017, delivery of goods to most countries of the world will be available. The term of delivery is indicative, calculated in business days from the capital to the capital and does not include the day of picking up the departure and the time for the customs clearance of the shipment.

  • How can I track my order with delivery to another country?
  • Track the location of your order by entering the track-code number in the tracking field on the website of Nova Poshta, We will send the track code to the e-mail you specified when placing your order.

  • Do you deliver to the apartment and lift to the floor?
  • Please note that targeted delivery is provided prior to entering the building. Goods from the sections "Energy Saving", "Lighting" (sockets, bulbs) are delivered to the apartment. Goods from the "Heating" section are delivered to the entrance to the building. The cost of a manual lifting into an apartment depends on: the dimensions of the equipment, the difficulty of lifting and the presence of an elevator (where the goods are placed in the package).

  • How many days is the goods at the issuance point?
  • The order will be in the branch of the courier service "Nova Poshta" for 5 days. At the end of this period, the goods are returned to the sender.

  • Is it possible to refuse part of the order at the issuance point?
  • Unfortunately, there is no possibility to refuse part of the order. You can cancel the irrelevant order in full and place a new application.

  • What if the goods were damaged in transit?
  • In case of damage to the goods, or incomplete ordering - it is necessary to refuse to receive the goods and pay for it, and also to draw up an act (claim). In case this situation takes place - we kindly ask you to inform us about the incident by phone: +380 671 000 671

  • Where and on what terms is the delivery carried out?
  • Delivery we carry out worldwide with the help of courier service "Nova Poshta". Terms of delivery vary by region.

  • How is the delivery in Ukraine?
  • Delivery in Ukraine is made by courier service "Nova Poshta"

  • What products are warranted?
  • All our products are warranted for up to 36 months. The warranty period is specified in the description of each product on our website. The guarantee of Link Line is a confirmation of the warranty. Please make sure that the goods are properly completed and have no defects when it is received (the completeness of the kit is determined by the product description or the manual for its operation).

  • Where to go for warranty service?
  • In case of defects while operation of the device or software, it is necessary to send the device back in the same way as you received it - with the help of "Nova Poshta". The right to free warranty service gives a warranty card, which states:

    1. model;
    2. serial number;
    3. guarantee period;
    4. date of sale of goods.
    Please keep it during the entire service life.
  • Can I exchange or return the goods?
  • Yes, you can exchange or return goods of proper quality within 14 days after purchase, if the specified goods were not in use, its marketable appearance, consumer properties, seals, factory labels, commodity check are kept. This right is guaranteed by the "Consumer Protection Law". The goods are not returnable at the end of 2 weeks from the date of purchase. If at the time of the exchange a similar product is not on sale, it is necessary to fill in the "Return Application" and attach to the goods, or you can purchase any other goods from the available assortment with the corresponding cost recalculation, or get back the money in the amount of the returned goods cost, or exchange goods for the same item at the first receipt of the relevant goods on sale. Return of the goods at your home, is carried out in case you declined the goods immediately after its delivery and the courier is still with you. In this case, you pay only the cost of delivery of the goods. If the goods do not work, the exchange or return of the goods is made only if there is a conclusion of the service center authorized by the manufacturer, that the operating conditions are not violated.

  • Where and how can I exchange or refund?
  • In order to exchange or return goods it is necessary to contact the manager at +380 671 000 671 or write to and inform about intention to return the goods, specifying the reasons. Filling in the "Return Application", attach to the goods and send the goods to the address specified in the return application in the same way as you received it. If the item has its marketable condition and packaging, we will exchange it for you or return the money. The сustomer shall be refunded within 6 days from the receipt of the goods by the seller and its verification for intactness and integrity. When refunding money for goods, settlements with the buyer are made based on the value of the goods at the time of purchase. When returning the goods, the delivery and refund of money is carried out at the expense of the client. At the return of the goods, all the costs associated with the transfer of goods (through shipping companies) or the sending of money (all banking transactions) are borne by the buyer.

  • The service center can not repair my goods during the warranty period
  • If during the warranty period the goods you bought from us are out of order through the fault of the manufacturer and can not be repaired by an authorized service center, we will exchange the goods for a similar or return the money. For this, please provide us:

    1. the goods with the full complete set;
    2. warranty card;
    3. document confirming payment;
    4. the conclusion of the service center with a note that the goods have a "significant drawback".
  • In what cases is the guarantee not provided?
  • The service center may refuse warranty repairs if:

    1. the safety of the warranty seals is broken;
    2. there are mechanical or other damages that arose from intentional or reckless actions of the buyer or third parties;
    3. the rules of use set forth in the operational documents are violated;
    4. an unauthorized opening, repair or alteration of internal communications and components of the goods was made, the design or product diagrams were changed;
    5. incorrectly filled in the warranty card;
    6. the serial number stored in the product memory is changed, erased or can not be installed.

    Warranty obligations do not cover the following faults:
    1. natural wear or depletion of the resource;
    2. accidental damage caused by the client or damage caused by negligence or use (exposure to liquids, dust, ingress of foreign objects, etc.);
    3. damage due to natural disasters (natural phenomena);
    4. damage caused by emergency increase or decrease in the voltage in the mains or incorrect connection to the mains;
    5. damages caused by defects in the system in which the product was used, or resulting from the connection and connection of goods to other products;
    6. damage caused by the use of the goods for other purposes or in violation of the rules of operation.

  • Is it possible to place an order by phone?
  • Yes, you can place an order on the phone by calling us at +380 671 000 671

  • How quickly can I place my order?
  • Orders are processed within 1-2 days from the date of payment. Please note that during holidays, weekends and periods of large discounts, the sending of orders can be slowed down. We appreciate your time and try to send orders as quickly as possible.

  • The site indicates that the product is out of stock, can I order it?
  • You can leave your email address and we will send you a notification as soon as the goods are available.

  • How to cancel the order?
  • You can cancel the order within 24 hours by phone +380 671 000 671. Our manager will also inform you about the procedure of refunding money to your account.

  • Can I redirect my order to another address if it is already shipped?
  • To redirect your order, you need to contact the Nova Poshta service and specify the redirection with the manager. Be careful - redirecting the order is not included in the shipping cost.

  • What if the prepaid goods are not delivered?
  • If the goods are not delivered to you after 15 days from the time of the order - call the delivery service by phone at 0 (800)500-609, state the number and the date of the order. Ifyou can not find out the reasons for the delay of the goods from the delivery service - callus on +380 671 000 671, we will try to help you

  • Can the cost of the order change while it is being executed?
  • The cost of the order is agreed at the time of its registration with our manager and remains unchanged until delivery and payment. Also, those promotional offers that were valid at the time of placing the order will be valid.


Sviatoslava Khorobroho, 44 Dnipro, Ukraine, 49033
Mob. number: +38 067 1000671

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